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Vision & Strategy

How can plastic materials, circular economy and sustainability interact? As a producer of PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate), one of the many plastic materials existing, we have a responsibility in both our production approach and in the vision that society has of plastics. Sustainability needs a long terms approach. The debate about global climate change, environment, water scarcity, health, and waste reduction, put every company in front of challenges and responsibilities.

We start from our own product: PMMA sheets that can be recycled to its original raw material countless times, without losing its peculiar characteristics.

These characteristics make PMMA the perfect material for a circular economy and for waste reduction.
In this context, we strive every day to grow our knowledge to find new ways to improve, and apply this knowledge to “close the loop”. This vision needs to become action. It is a long road that we’re still following, together with our partners: clients, suppliers and consultants. We live more and more in an interconnected world, which however has multiples facets and specificities. There is not a unique answer, because it involves multiples subjects, markets, laws and regulations.

We’re working hard to make our production and processes even more sustainable, following our sustainability learning path.


The starting point was to re-think the way waste products were seen. They could be a resource, they could have a new life … endless times.


Produce in a responsible way by improving the environmental performance of products and production processes, reduce the emissions, the consumptions and waste produced.


Operate ethically treating employees, stakeholders, customers and suppliers with integrity and fairness.
Act to ensure medium and long-term safety and healthy.


We work to raise awareness about using recycled materials


To choose suppliers that have a sustainable approach

PMMA circularity
For many people, “plastic” is one big skein, associated with a “use and throw away” image. But there are a thousand ways of saying plastic. Every plastic material has its own characteristics, properties and applications and its lifecycle.
PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate –also known as acrylic) is just one of the existing materials. PMMA is a durable plastic, known for its transparency, for the easy processing, the multiple colors and finishes, for its resistance. In the context of a sustainable circular economy it most interesting characteristic is that it can be regenerated back to its original raw material, an organic solvent called MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). This process can be repeated countless times, and most importantly, without the end product (the sheets) losing its optical, mechanical and thermal characteristics.

Achievements & Goals
We engaged in a system to regenerate the energy and water used in our production
We have implemented a service to recover wooden pallets from Italian customers so that they can be reused

Our cardboard packaging is made with recycled and recyclable products
Goals for 2023
Further 15 % reduction of water consumption for product output
Further 12 % reduction net energy reduction consumption
Further reduction of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by
20 %
Our production processes have been optimized and we implemented solutions to achieve the recycling of 100 % of the few residual quantities inside the plant