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Seta-Letter ®
Dense One Side Matt

Our range with a one side satin texture. The colors are dense, created to help the creation of logos and letters for advertising.
Letters and logos can be easily laser cut or milled, offering to the customers the possibility to choose between a glossy of satin finish.

  • high resistance to external agents and UV rays
  • 8 to 10 times higher resistance to impact than glass
  • easy to work (glue, bend, mill, laser cut, thermoforming)

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Dense Colors Colors Pictures

Colors on request with MOQ

Dense Colors Standard Thicknesses

Dense colors
Code Thickness mm Size mm Light transmission %
on nominal thickness 3mm
8004 8 - 18 2020 x 3020 1
8072 8 2020 x 3020 1
8881 8 - 18 2020 x 3020 0

Note: colors 8019/8055/8134/8160 can be produced on request with MOQ