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Euroshop 26 feb - 2 mar 2023 Dusseldorf

Euroshop 26 Feb - 2 Mar 2023 Düsseldorf

We’re pleased to inform you that Madreperla S.p.A will participate at Euroshop 2023, the leading fair for the retail Industry.

We’ll be located at hall 13 , dedicated to “Store design, materials and surfaces”.
Our main focus we’ll be on a subject very dear to us, sustainability.

We’ll present the new steps of our sustainability path, such as our new Green Cast® products and their possible application in the retail world.

Come visit us at Hall 13 Stand 14D.

AIFIL award to Madreperla’s CEO, Antonella Annunziata

Madreperla’s CEO Antonella Annunziata was awarded by AIFIL for her commitment to sustainability and for the research and innovation brought with the creation of Green Cast®.

The award ceremony took place within Viscom Italia, the fair dedicated to the visual communication sector, during which AIFIL held its seminar “Energy label”.

We thank AIFIL for this recognition, obtained on the 10th anniversary of the creation of the first 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet: Green Cast®, a product that has been ahead of its time in the PMMA sector.

Elementaria 2022

October 13th was the first day of Elementaria 2022, taking place at Viscom Italia.

Using Green Cast®, 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic sheets, designer Marco Maggioni conceived X-SENS , an abstract configuration of fluid forms inspired by the biology of the marine world and surrealist art. Green Cast is available in a wide range of colors, textures and different effects allowing designers to indulge in their creations and doing it in a sustainable way.

For X-SENS realization, we used our Metallic, Chroma and Stone colors that make the project even more unique and exclusive, with their metallic and natural stones effect.

Go to our Inspirations page, to see our X-SENS project.

Elementaria 2022

Our collaboration for this year’s Elementaria, the event taking place at Viscom Italia, the fair dedicated to the visual communication world, has been with designer Marco Maggioni with the X-SENS project, an abstract configuration of fluid forms inspired by the biology of the marine world and surrealist art.

For its realization we have used our ranges inspired by metals and stones, part of our Green Cast® brand, 100% recycled cast acrylic sheets.

Madreperla S.p.A in “Il Sole 24 Ore”

“Il Sole 24 Ore” is an Italian economic-financial-political newspaper, it is the most popular in its sector and among the top 5 in the country.

Madreperla S.p.A is present in an article in the edition of September 9th, in the section dedicated to companies active in product quality and environmental protection.
The article traces the history of Madreperla, focusing especially on the company's sustainable path and its commitment to the environment.

Click here to open the full article.

Renewable energy through solar panels

Renewable energies play a central role in achieving the decarbonization goals of the energy system. One of the issues surrounding renewable energies was the idea that they were less reliable than fossil fuels, but in the last years some of the renewable energy sources, reached a high technological maturity.

One of the most advanced technologies is the one of solar panels. At the end of 2021 we listed our personal ecological goals as a company, and of the steps of our sustainability path was to renovate our facility to reduce our use of non-renewable energy and reach a higher efficiency.

In this last month we have finalized the installation of our photovoltaic system. Thanks to it, we'll now be able to generate around 15% of our energy demand

We'll continue to measure our impact to strive for better solutions to constantly reduce our footprint. For all updates you can visit us here or on our LinkedIn

Waiting for Ideas tribute for Shinzo Paris and Reebok using Setacryl®

Creative studio Waiting for Ideas latest work for Shinzo store in Paris (
3 of our iconic Setacryl® colors used for this 90's inspired project, paying tribute to a Reebok classic shoe technology: the Pump.

Discover more on

And visit, where you can find the design's closup.

Our sustainable path over the past 10 years

Our focus over the last 10 years: be a responsible company.

Our path started in 2012 and over this time we have increased our skills in terms of sustainability and continously improved our own impact.
This path is summed in some tools available also to our customers, to help them make more conscious choices.

Our journey has not stopped, we try to learn something new and add new steps every year.

Green Cast® a 2022 Carbon Neutral

We're happy to announce that we've added a new step to our sustainability path: Green Cast® is "carbon neutral".

What does it mean? The greenhouse gas emissions for its production are offset by an equal quantity of reduced emissions.
We've made the concept of sustainability the founding value of our work and we try to add steps every year in order to become more and more responsible.

You can find out all about the project that led to the carbon neutrality of Green Cast® under the download section on our website:
You'll find also all the new green initivies undertaken for the year 2022.

Eurolaser GmbH laser test on Green Cast®

We're happy to have collaborated with Eurolaser GmbH ( to perform laser processing tests on different Green Cast® options.

Go check all the results of the tests on their channels:

Green Cast® for World Oceans Day

Celebrated every year on June 8th, World Oceans Day is one more opportunity to reflect on a commitment that should be made everyday, on the community's responsibility to interact with the oceans in a sustainable way. In the occasion of the 30th anniversary, the Underwater Museum of Marseille will propose a temporary installation by artist researcher Jeremie Brugidou, on bioluminescence - a phenomenon whereby living organisms emit light through particular chemical reactions.
The artist imagined ten hermetic spheres containing bioluminescent bacteria, like ten little blue planets.

We're happy happy to have collaborated with our partner Clem ( for the production of the spheres with our Green Cast® - 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic sheets.

Warren Steven Scott - Cedar in Sec-he Sky collection

Warren Steven Scott is a contemporary accessory designer, fashion designer, tailor, and craftsperson, born in British Columbia (Canada).

His approach to design pictures a modern image of fashion through an Indigenous lens.
In his new collection, Cedar in Sec-he Sky, you can find two custom colors realized with Green Cast®, our 100% recycled and recyclable range

To learn more about Warren you can visit
To learn more about Green Cast® you can visit Green Cast® section

Elementaria 2021

After 2 years we’re glad to go back to live events We’ll be exhibiting at Elementaria 2021, the event taking place during Viscom Italia.
Since its first edition, back in 2015, we decided to use Green Cast®, our range of 100% recycled cast acrylic sheets, for the projects development. During this 7 years path at Elementaria, our main idea was to re-think creative models from a circular point of view, through the use of a material, that beside its ease of processing and great aesthetic impact, it’s recyclable endless times without ever loosing its technical and optical characteristics; a very important point for companies and brands whose attention is on sustainability and product quality.
We’re happy that this year’s event will focus on sustainability and in particular on “sustainable brand identity”.
Come visit Us from Sept. 30th to Oct. 2nd. For more information about the event and how to partecipate, contact Us to the email address:

EPD – Environmental Product Declaration

Another important step in our sustainability path, which began 10 years ago on an uphill road, but which over the years has given and is giving us a lot of satisfaction.
10 years ago we decided to re-think our business model by basing the core of it on values that were and continue to be important to us, trying every day to improve, to innovate, to progress.
We have added an important step in our path, a certified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for our Green Cast® range, 100% recycled cast acrylic sheets.
Take a look at our “Download” section.
If you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us at

Delivery program 2021

Our new products catalogue is now online.

Green Cast® in the world furniture

Cast acrylic is known for its ease of processing, for its transparency and the infinite possibilities in terms of colors and finishes

It is the perfect material for the world of furniture and design, that is always looking for elegance and innovation.
A world that is also becoming greener, and Green Cast® being a 100% recycled material, perfectly adapts to an eco-sustainable vision.

TaccàSù System

Famous italian designer Bruno Munari exhorted to observe common objects with new eyes by changing their intended use. "Da cosa nasce cosa" (things lead to) is a book that still enchants and brings out the creativity in all of us. TaccàSù System was born from the synergy between graphic designer Maurizio Milani and Madreperla S.p.A. and it takes inspiration from the concept of re-use, both of common designs shapes and materials. For the realization of the project we used Green Cast, 100% recycled cast acrylic sheets.

Protection barriers

At the crucial time of Covid-19 we have committed all our strength to the production of material destined to the manufacturing of protective barriers.

New Green Cast standard colours

We have enlarged our available range of Green Cast colours.

Take a look to all the new possibilities.

Green Cast Setaparfum 1600®

Crosslinked sheets with improved resistance to chemicals.
Developed to be more resistant than standard cast acrylic sheets to the crazing effect, caused by chemicals coming in contact with acrylic.
Making it even more special, it is 100% recycled.

Burla Jò

The result of our collaboration with Milanese graphic designer Maurizio Milani for Elementaria 2019, an event taking place at Viscom Italia 2019.


A rainbow of metallic colours.
Give a pop of sophisticated colour to your creations.


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