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GreenCast Leed Credits
LEED Credits

Leed is the acronym for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”. Developed by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), it is a voluntary certification system, which provides a set of measurement standards to evaluate environmentally sustainable buildings, taking into account the entire life cycle, from design to construction. The technical criteria proposed by the LEED committees are publicly reviewed for approval by more than 10.000 organizations, that form part of the USGBC. The material used for construction are also taken into consideration to obtain the LEED certification for a building.
A material itself cannot be LEED certified in fact it is the building that is certified, but it can be congruent with the LEED standard and if used within a project it can help achieve a certain score. The materials receive “LEED Credits”, points that allow to evaluate their application within a building.

Green Cast® & LEED credits

In 2012 when Green Cast officially entered the market Madreperla’s intent was to pursue a more responsible and sustainable type of production. At that time recycled product were not yet considered as something necessary. To date, environmental issues are the centre of the world political agenda and a matter of concern for every individual.
Our commitment since 2012 has remained constant, aimed at guaranteeing our customers a high quality and guaranteed products. With this in mind, we have worked with external companies to produce certifications and documents that help our customers pursue their green goals.

One of the results of this work are the LEED credits that we obtained for Green Cast.

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