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Re-Thinking PMMA

We’re living in a time where our paradigms are being redefined: new creative models, industrial models, consumption models are aiming towards a circular vision of economy and lifestyle. The focus is on: the reduction in primary resources use, reduction of waste and development of the concept ‘’re-use’’. The search of materials that can be recycled without losing their technical characteristics is the focus for every company.

In private life as well as in work activities, each has to answer a very important question: “What can I do for the world I live in?”
For the last 10 years, Madreperla’s aim and challenge was to take steps to become more sustainable, both in our work environment, in our production process and products, and to re-think our business model.

The result of our efforts was Green Cast®, cast acrylic sheets produced 100% with recycled raw materials (R-MMA).
PMMA, is a durable, noble plastic, well known for his transparency, for its ease of processing, for the multiple colors and finishes, for its resistance. But most importantly PMMA can be recycled, countless times, without ever losing all its important peculiarities.
Re-think, re-use, recycle that’s Green Cast®.

Logo Greencast by Madreperla

PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) can be recycled back to its original raw material, the organic solvent methyl methacrylate monomer, without the end product (cast acrylic sheets) losing its optical, mechanical and thermal properties.

Our challenge at Madreperla for the last years was to act proactively to promote 100% recycled and recyclable products, and implementing with all the stakeholders a circular process. We have developed over the last years a sustainable value chain that we’re trying to perfect every day in cooperation with our partners.

We invested in research, collaborating with Italian and German universities , to perfect a process of regeneration of PMMA waste, coming from end-of-life products and industrial waste.

The process, known as de-polymerization process, allows to regain a high quality raw material, regenerated monomer (R-MMA), from which we produce Green Cast® sheets, cast acrylic sheets 100% recycled and recyclable.

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