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seta-LED - new range of cast acrylic sheets for Leds backlighting of panels, and realization of signs


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Seta-LED® is the new range of cast acrylic sheets developed by Madreperla for Leds backlighting of panels, for the realization of signs and other products.

The market, forced for environmental reasons and to reduce consumption, a preference towards high-efficiency light sources.
From this point of view , LEdS are certainly a very effective solution, and to substitute traditional neon tubes or traditional lamps, the sheets need to have 2 characteristics:

  • a high light transmission(both to the white light, and to colours)
  • a high spreading effect to eliminate the typical "hot spot", characteristic of LEDs as a pointy light source.
The colours are formulated to meet the typical wavelength of LED - colours that are on the market today, in order to maintain the same tone with or without light.

The formulation of Seta-LED® sheets in five standard colours:
white, orange, red, green, blue.

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