• Madreperla cast acrylic sheets

Who are we

Madreperla S.p.A began production in the early 1950’s in Milan, Italy, with the manufacturing of acrylic buttons resembling a mother of pearl – hence the name Madreperla.
The founder, Orazio Annunziata quickly understood the growing relevance of acrylic in multiple sectors and transitioned from the production of buttons to the one of Cast Acrylic Sheets.

Through the years Madreperla has strived for innovation, enhancing its quality and service, making it Italy’s leading acrylic manufacturer and the only company producing 100% recycled Cast acrylic sheets, complying with ISO 7823.1.

What do we do

We produce cast acrylic sheets with the brand names:

  • Setacryl®, Satinglas®, Setasand®, Metallic®, Stone®, Nacré®, Seta-Led®, Seta-Letter®, Setapan®
  • Green Cast® - 100% recycled and recyclable cast acrylic sheets.

How do we do it

Over time we enlarged and diversified our range of products, adding colours and different surface textures in order to meet the demand of an increasingly sophisticated market.
We achieved these results, working together with our customer, you, in order to find new solutions together.

We are not simply a manufacturer, we like provide solutions.

What we offer today

  • one of the largest range of cast acrylic sheets with more than 160 standard colours: clear, opals, satin surface, sand-blasted surface...
  • over 15 specialty grades
  • colour matching: our experts can provide a rapid colour matching with colour consistency from batch to batch
  • if you need a technical solution our experts can help in providing the right solution, having an extensive experience in the production of cast acrylic sheets.

We strive every day to realize your ideas.

Sample Boxes

To request a sample please contact:

Environmental policy


The word “sustainability” has become a hot topic in the last decade. It has become an important argument not only for private citizens, but also for companies that are an actual part of the community.
Since its inception Madreperla S.p.A has always had an eye to the future, thinking of new and innovative solutions to offer to our clients and possible clients, anticipating their needs. “Innovation” is a term that nowadays represents not only the creation of new products, but also the creation of new technologies that will allow to produce those products, with the minimum impact on the environment.


  • Reducing consumption of water
  • Reducing Co2 emissions by 20%
  • Reducing waste
  • Energy saving

Our product ranges